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  • PB&J Malts


    Our award winning PB&J Malts give a true nostalgic hit. Crunchy malt ball centres are coated in a blend of peanut butter infused signature milk chocolate, and finished in a natural strawberry infused couverture, for an addictive bite that’ll leave you wanting more.

    -contains gluten, nuts, dairy.

    Net weight: 171g (6oz)

    International Chocolate Awards 2019 Winner

  • Cara Malts


    Crunchy malt ball centres are coated in a blend of caramel, our signature milk chocolate, and caramel crisp pearls, for an addictive bite that'll leave you wanting more.

    -contains gluten, dairy.

    Net weight: 171g (6oz)

  • Signature Hazelnuts


    Roasted and caramelized whole hazelnuts are coated in a mixture of single origin Costa Rica milk chocolate and crispy feuilletine, with another finishing coating of Costa Rica milk chocolate. Simple in presentation, but full of rich flavour. We only use whole ingredients of the highest quality, with no glazing, for a natural look.

    Net weight: 170g (6oz)