2019 Designer Egg – Three Sisters

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Ever since our Insider Dessert feature went viral a couple of years ago, our Designer Eggs have been one of the seasonal must have items for many people, with lineups out the door, to grab an egg from our Egg Wall.

Each egg is designed by hand, and no two eggs are alike. These eggs are cast in our delicious dark chocolate blend, using fine flavoured, rare Nicaraguan origin dark chocolate. Also included is an assortment of chocolate covered fruits, nuts, and other tasty treats. Note: treats contain nuts, and gluten. Treats are packaged on their own and placed in the bottom of the egg box, to limit cross-contamination of products.

If you are local and intend on picking up your order at our Chinatown location, please choose “local pickup” as your shipping choice, when you go to Checkout your order. Your order will be available to pickup within one business day.

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c********2 $4.00 2019-04-05 02:35:17
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Our famous Designer Eggs are back, just in time for the Easter season.
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