Best of #FF Collection: 9pc


Coconut Pandan Butter Pecan Fig Strawberry
Wild Bolivia Caramel Cheesecake Ruby Mojito
Ruby Rhubarb Carmen Miranda Karē Yuzu


The Best flavours from our Summer Feature Flavour series, as chosen by you.

Flavours include:

Coconut Pandan -Two layers of white chocolate ganaches, one paired with coconut, the other with pandan.

Butter Pecan – Buttery milk chocolate layer, with a Ghana origin milk chocolate and toasted pecan ‘duja.

Fig Strawbery – A fig caramel layered upon a house made origin Venezuela milk chocolate ganache, triple infused with strawberries.

Wild Bolivia – A house made wild Bolivian dark chocolate ganache, paired with black plum and raisins, brightened with a thin layer of Ruby.

Caramel Cheesecake -Caramelized cheesecake ganache, sandwiched between caramel and cookie crunch layers. Contains gluten.

Ruby Mojito – Ruby chocolate ganache with fresh garden mint and lime, and lime muddled rum.

Ruby Rhubarb – Ruby chocolate ganache, paired with local rhubarb, and NZ Doris plum.

Carmen Miranda – House made currant infused chocolate ganache, paired with a fruit ganache blend, with mango, passionfruit, and pineapple.

Karē Yuzu – A white chocolate ganache paired with fragrant yuzu, layered upon a Ruby ganache infused with yuzu and Japanese curry.