Hearts and Dreams Collection: 25pc


Hearts and Dreams Collection: 25pc


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Our Hearts and Dreams Collection is a perfectly curated selection of chocolate bonbons that offer a taste adventure that excites all the senses. We pair exquisite chocolate from different regions, with fine flavour pairings; some that take you down nostalgia lane, and others that create a unique taste experience. Explore desire.


Flavours in the box:

Tropicana (HEART) – A tropical fiesta in your mouth! Caramelized white chocolate, paired with passionfruit, mango, lemon, and coconut.

Love Potion #9 (HEART) – What you need is Love Potion #9! Our signature blend of Central American origin chocolates, paired with orange, anise, and a beautifully aromatic Amaro, produced locally by Bridgeland Distillery.

Cin City (HEART) – Sinfully delicious! Direct trade, small farm, origin Honduras dark chocolate ganache, paired with fine Saigon cinnamon.

Good Morning, Vietnam (HEART) – Rare Vietnamese origin cacao (DakLak province), produced in-house. A beautiful dark chocolate ganache with fruity, spicy, and chocolate notes. 

Hot Chocolate (HEART) – Like sharing a romantic moment, with a mug of delicious hot chocolate. A vanilla infused white chocolate ganache, layered upon a Honduras origin dark chocolate ganache. 

After Midnight (HEART) – We gonna let it all hang down. Our signature Midnight Special dark chocolate, done two ways. First a layer of Midnight Special dark caramel, layered upon a Midnight Special dark chocolate ganache. Rich and satisfying!

Tequila Popper (DREAM) – Dark chocolate ganache paired with silver Tequila and lime, with a corn and pop rock crunch/pop layer.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome (DREAM) – Meet your true love! House made origin Venezuela dark chocolate ganache, paired with local honey, layered upon a caramelized chocolate ganache.

Long Distance Relationship (DREAM) – Milk chocolate ganache infused with earl grey and bergamot, layered upon a ruby chocolate ganache infused with roses.

Strawberry Lemonade (DREAM) – An intense lemon gel layered on top of a strawberry and citrus infused white chocolate ganache. Pucker up!

Raspberry Romance (DREAM) – Our house specialty is back. Raspberry and almond paired with a fine chocolate blend. Contains nuts.

Milky Way (DREAM) – An exquisite blend of Costa Rica and Honduras origin chocolates, paired with brown butter and brown sugar. 

Cherry Yuzu Cheesecake (DREAM) – A cherry compote rests upon a cherry and yuzu cheesecake white chocolate ganache, and is finished with a graham cracker and caramelized chocolate crunch wafer.Contains gluten.

Lychee Rose (DREAM) – Our award winning flavour has been redesigned and reformulated. It still features a white chocolate ganache infused with lychee, layered upon a Ruby chocolate ganache infused with rose. 

Little Blue Dress (DREAM) – English lavender and wild blueberries, in a creamy white chocolate ganache.

Bourbon Pecan Caramel (DREAM) – A bourbon caramel sits on top of a milk chocolate ganache infused with brown butter, and is finished with a Pecan ‘duja. Contains nuts & gluten.

Thai Stick (DREAM) – A creamy white chocolate ganache, paired with lemongrass, coconut cream, lime, ginger, and Thai chiles.

Bernard (DREAM)– Creamy milk chocolate and hazelnuts combined with crème fraiche, and a layer of hazelnut infused crêpes dentelle crisps. Contains nuts & gluten.

Coconut Pandan (DREAM) – Smooth white chocolate ganache, paired with coconut and pandan layers.

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