Lonely hearts club box – 6pc


Note: These are fresh products and should be consumed within 3 weeks of purchase.

This collection is available starting Jan 31. Orders of this product will be held until stock availability.

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Our limited edition Valentine’s Day collection features six distinct flavours, custom designed in larger heart shapes.

This box includes the following:

You don’t bring me flowers – peach and floral infusion with silky white chocolate.
Fruity Patooty – two layers: yuzu and white chocolate, raspberry and origin Peru dark.
Cin City – Peru origin dark chocolate blended with our signature milk chocolate, infused with true cinnamon.
D’oh Boy – cake, caramel, baked goods blended with our signature milk chocolate, on a layer of crunchy caramel crisps. Contains gluten
Hello Stranger – Origin Peru dark chocolate blended with origin Ghana milk chocolate, paired with a great American cocktail, inspired by the old 1935 Waldorf-Astoria bar recipe.
Tall, Dark, and Handsome – Origin Venezuela extra bold dark chocolate infused with local honey, layered on top of caramelized white chocolate.