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Origin Collection


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A celebration of the earth, and all those who inhabit it.

Amongst some of the most lush and beautiful environments, teeming with life of all varieties, cacao trees grow. They can flourish and thrive, especially with the dedication, care and continuous hard work of cacao farmers. The farmers work in harmony with the earth to provide something truly special, and it is from these humble beginnings that fine chocolate is crafted.

We at the Chocolate Lab have seen all of this first hand; we have walked the paths between tree plots sun patterned by leaves, dug our hands in fermentation boxes, cracked pods with the workers, and broken bread with smiling families that have farmed cacao for generations.

Born of this immense inspiration and desire to share our experiences, is the Origin Collection 2019. Visually inspired by cacao growing regions around the world, each of these vibrantly coloured bonbons encompasses a house-made chocolate that is as complex and unique as it is visually striking. We invite you to take a trip around the world with us, from Central and South America, to Asia, and Africa, to explore the delicious and diverse flavours of cacao.

Flavours include:

Toledo – 75% dark chocolate ganache, Belize origin. Flavoured with orange and plum.

Rio Moho – 75% dark chocolate ganache, Belize origin. 

Puerto Cabello – 70% dark chocolate ganache, Venezuela origin. Flavoured with whiskey, honey, and cranberry.

Patanemo – 54% dark milk chocolate ganache, Venezuela origin.

Arauca – 75% dark chocolate ganache, Colombia origin.

Rio Ucayali – 70% dark chocolate ganache, Peru origin.

Suhum – 64% extra dark milk chocolate, Ghana origin.

Dak Lak – 80% dark chocolate ganache, Vietnam origin.

Akim – 75% dark chocolate ganache, Ghana origin. Flavoured with cream cheese and strawberry.

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