Valentines Flavours

Our chocolate bonbons are created with fresh, real ingredients, combined with fine chocolate, in a delicate and decadent bite.

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Below you can find flavour descriptions for any of the Bonbons found in our Valentines collections. 

Individual bonbon flavours that contain Nuts, Gluten, or Alcohol are marked. 

Caramel Crisp

For caramel lovers. A vanilla caramel infused milk chocolate ganache, combined with caramel caviar crisps.

Love Potion #9

Our house made origin Colombia dark chocolate ganache, paired with apricot, and a beautiful locally distilled Amaro.

Cin City

Sinfully delicious! Origin Honduras dark chocolate ganache, paired with fragrant Saigon cinnamon.

Nicaragua 70

Our house made origin Nicaragua dark chocolate ganache. Rich and flavourful.

Bananas Foster

A rum caramel, layered upon a Banana white chocolate ganache, finished with a pecan milk chocolate ‘duja layer.

Hot Toddy

Soothing like a hot lemon with a touch of honey on a cold day. A smooth lemon and honey infused white chocolate ganache.

Berries & Waffles

A raspberry soft caramel, layered upon a milk chocolate ganache infused with cardamom and fresh baked waffles vibes. (tea infusion)

Creme Brulee

A vanilla infused white chocolate custard ganache, layered upon a caramelized chocolate combined with pure cane sugar, for a bit of crunch.

Raspberry PB&J

Raspberry caramel layered upon a milk chocolate and peanut ‘duja.

Wild Cherry

Our house made origin Vietnam extra dark chocolate ganache, paired with a locally distilled cherry gin.

Peru 70

Our house made origin Peru dark chocolate ganache.

Tropical Paradise

A caramelized white chocolate ganache paired with fresh tropical fruits: pineapple, mango, passionfruit, lemon, and coconut.

London Fog

A beautiful Earl Grey is combined with English lavender and vanilla, in this jolly good white chocolate ganache.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Origin Venezuela dark chocolate ganache, produced in the Lab from the bean, paired with local honey, layered upon a caramelized chocolate ganache.

Lemon Rosemary

A tart lemon caramel is layered upon a creamy lemon & rosemary white chocolate ganache.

Gold Stripe

Our house specialty premium dark chocolate ganache. Dark and rich!

Milky Way

A decadent milk chocolate ganache made, paired with pure cane sugar and brown butter.

Mango Passionfruit

Mango-Passionfruit soft caramel, surrounded by our house dark chocolate shell.

Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon vanilla soft caramel, surrounded by our house dark chocolate shell.


Saigon cinnamon soft caramel, surrounded by our house dark chocolate shell.


Raspberry soft caramel, surrounded by our house dark chocolate shell.

All bonbons contain fresh ingredients and no preservatives, and are best consumed within a month of purchase.


Ingredients:  cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. May contain: milk, wheat, barley malt flour, soya lecithin, vanilla, fruit, alcohol, colour, cacao nibs, salt, nuts, honey, natural flavouring.  Created in a facility that works with peanuts, tree nuts and wheat products.  Organic, natural, direct trade, and fair trade ingredients are used where possible.

Ingrédients: pâté de cacao, sucre, beurre de cacao. Peut contenir:  lait, blé, farine de malt d’orge, lécithine de soja, arôme naturel de vanille, fruits, alcohol, colorant(s), grains de cacao, sel, noix, produits des noix.  Crée dans un établissement qui entrent en contact avec noix, arachides, and produits de blé.  Ingredients biologiques, naturel, commerce direct/equitable sont utilisé si possible.

Note: We are not a certified nut-free facility. Please consult our Allergens section for detailed information.

Real, whole ingredients.
Finest quality chocolate.
No compromise.

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. Taste the difference.