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  • Advent Calendar – SOLD OUT


    Sorry, we are SOLD OUT for the season. 

    Our 2020 Advent Chocolate Calendars feature 25 fabulous flavours of hand-crafted chocolates; a different chocolate surprise to enjoy each day, as we count down the days to Christmas.

    And even if Christmas isn’t your thing, its still a wonderful way to treat yourself, or a loved one, when you can’t all be together.

    Flavours included in Advent Calendar

    Dec 1: Vanilla Caramel
    Dec 2: Venezuela Origin dark chocolate with cacao nibs
    Dec 3: Speculaas Milk Chocolate  (g)
    Dec 4: Mint Meltaway
    Dec 5: Cookies ‘n Cream (g)
    Dec 6: Almond praline with toasted coconut (n)
    Dec 7: Honduras Origin dark chocolate with Black Currant
    Dec 8: Cereal Milk Chocolate Crunch (g)
    Dec 9: Mango-Passionfruit Caramel
    Dec 10: Chocolate Nougat
    Dec 11: Thai Stick
    Dec 12: Orange Meltaway
    Dec 13: Caramelized Chocolate
    Dec 14: Chunky Peanut Praline (n)
    Dec 15: Lavender-Blueberry Caramel
    Dec 16: Smores (g)
    Dec 17: Hazelnut Crisp (n,g)
    Dec 18: Tropical Passionfruit-Pineapple
    Dec 19: Caramel Macchiato
    Dec 20: Berry White Chocolate
    Dec 21: Double Coconut
    Dec 22: Midnight Special Caramel
    Dec 23: Egg Nog
    Dec 24: Peru Origin dark chocolate with Raspberry
    Dec 25: Celebration 

    g contains gluten
    n contains nuts

    Please note: no flavour substitutions available for this item.

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