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Bonbon Menu

Our chocolate bonbons are created with fresh, real ingredients, combined with fine chocolate, in a delicate and decadent bite.

Excite your senses

Explore our many flavours. We usually carry over 30 flavours of bonbons, at any time. We have flavours that feature dark, milk, white, and ruby chocolate. There is something for every chocoholic!

Individual bonbon flavours that contain Nuts, Gluten, or Alcohol are marked. 

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Tropical Paradise

Maeva, welcome to this tropical paradise! A caramelized white chocolate ganache infused with fresh tropical fruits: pineapple, passionfruit, mango, lemon, and coconut.

Raspberry Romance

Origin Honduras dark milk chocolate, paired with raspberries and almonds.

Midnight Aurora

A dark chocolate caramel, using our signature Midnight Special dark chocolate.

Lemon Drop

A creamy white chocolate infused with lemon and yuzu, and paired with a beautiful Limoncello, produced locally by Bridgeland Distillery.

Long Distance Relationship

A two layered bonbon. First a milk chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey and Bergamot, layered upon a Ruby chocolate ganache infused with rose.

Mr. Mint Sparkle

Peppermint infused white chocolate ganache, with a chocolate cookie and pop rock layer, for a bit of sparkle!

Bourbon Pecan Caramel

A bourbon caramel sits on top of a milk chocolate ganache infused with brown butter, and is finished with a Pecan ‘duja.

Thai Stick

A creamy white chocolate ganache, paired with lemongrass, coconut cream, lime, ginger, and Thai chiles.

Scotch on the Rocks

Our signature dark chocolate ganache paired with a 16yr single malt, with a layer of pop rocks for a scintillating finish.

Lychee Rose

Our award winning flavour has been redesigned and reformulated. It still features a white chocolate ganache infused with lychee, layered upon a Ruby chocolate ganache infused with rose.

Milky Way

An exquisite blend of Costa Rica and Honduras origin chocolates, paired with brown butter and brown sugar.


A Tonka bean infused white chocolate ganache, with a touch of Kahlua.

Hot Chocolate

A vanilla white chocolate ganache, layered upon an Origin Venezuela dark chocolate ganache. The Chocolate Lab’s signature hot chocolate, but in bonbon form.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Origin Venezuela dark chocolate ganache, produced in the Lab from the bean, paired with local honey, layered upon a caramelized chocolate ganache.

Matcha Sakura

Cherry blossom infused white chocolate ganache, layered upon a white chocolate and grand cru Matcha ganache, with a hint of Tahitian vanilla.

Strawberry Lemonade

A white chocolate ganache paired with strawberries and lemons. Pucker up!

Olde Fashioned

Origin Peru dark chocolate ganache, paired with a classic American Old Fashioned cocktail.

Choklit Malt

A malted milk chocolate ganache is layered on top of crushed malt balls combined with chocolate. A trip down nostalgia lane.

Current Currant

A rich dark chocolate ganache, paired with currants and cassis.

Midnight Special

Our signature dark. This premium dark chocolate was created in partnership with Cacao Barry, in the Or Noir laboratory, in France.

Chai on Life

Our signature milk chocolate blend, infused with a fragrant Chai. Perfectly suitable for the cooler weather nights.

L.L. Dean

Origin Peru (Ucayali River) dark chocolate ganache, produced in-house from the bean, paired with a bourbon Manhattan cocktail, and complete with a half kirsch soaked morello cherry.

Vanilla Islands

Origin Papua New Guinea dark chocolate ganache, infused with fragrant Tahitian vanilla.

Rob's Your Uncle

Origin Nicaragua dark milk chocolate ganache, paired with a classic American Rob Roy cocktail.

Dark Passion

Origin Colombia dark chocolate ganache, produced in the Lab from the bean, paired with passionfruit.

Caramellow Crunch

Made especially for caramel lovers. Three layers of caramel with milk chocolate, and a touch of salt, with caramel crunchy pearls.


Creamy milk chocolate and hazelnuts combined with crème fraiche, and a layer of hazelnut infused crêpes dentelle crisps.

Snack Attack

A vanilla caramel is layered on a buttered popcorn and white chocolate ganache, and finished with a salted pretzel and chocolate wafer.

Cuppa Joe

Dark chocolate is paired with locally roasted espresso, with a middle layer of caramelized white chocolate, and finished with a crunch layer of dark chocolate combined with crunchy cacao nibs.

Orange Dreamsicle

Remember chasing the ice cream truck down the street for that creamy orangey goodness? This bonbon features a white chocolate ganache, infused with orange and cream.

The King & I

Peanut butter and milk chocolate, layered with banana white chocolate. The King’s breakfast, in a bonbon.

Lemon Yuzu Passion

This piece features silky white chocolate paired with lemon and passionfruit in one layer, and fragrant yuzu in the other layer.

Coconut Pandan

A smooth white chocolate ganache two ways: first a coconut infused white chocolate, layered upon a pandan infused white chocolate.

Starry Night

Origin Nicaragua dark chocolate ganache, layered upon a caramelized chocolate ganache, with a sprinkle of sea salt.

All bonbons contain fresh ingredients and no preservatives, and are best consumed within a month of purchase.


Ingredients:  cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. May contain: milk, wheat, barley malt flour, soya lecithin, vanilla, fruit, alcohol, colour, cacao nibs, salt, nuts, honey, natural flavouring.  Created in a facility that works with peanuts, tree nuts and wheat products.  Organic, natural, direct trade, and fair trade ingredients are used where possible.

Ingrédients: pâté de cacao, sucre, beurre de cacao. Peut contenir:  lait, blé, farine de malt d’orge, lécithine de soja, arôme naturel de vanille, fruits, alcohol, colorant(s), grains de cacao, sel, noix, produits des noix.  Crée dans un établissement qui entrent en contact avec noix, arachides, and produits de blé.  Ingredients biologiques, naturel, commerce direct/equitable sont utilisé si possible.

Note: We are not a certified nut-free facility. Please consult our Allergens section for detailed information.

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Finest quality chocolate.
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