Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s that page that seems to ramble on with text about procedures, and what not. But we want to make sure your experience at The Chocolate Lab is exceptional, whether you walk into our retail store, email us, or order via our online shop. Sometimes having a page full of details is a great way to relay lots of information, in a convenient medium, so we can make your experience smooth and full of only chocolate dreams.

We’re here to help. If there is a question not answered on this page, please use our contact form for fastest response.

Do you take phone orders?

We do not take phone orders.  For identity, privacy and security reasons, we highly recommend that you make your purchase at the online shop, or at our retail Chinatown location, during shop hours.

If your order is large, or you have specific requirements that cannot be fulfilled on our online shop, please use our contact form to initiate a conversation with us.

There is a sticker with a date on my box of chocolates!  What does this mean?

This date is related to when your box was created.  We recommend that our bonbons are eaten less than a month after that freshness date.

If there was no sticker, that means the order was custom made on the day of order – this will be with respect to your internet and shipping orders, as well as custom boxes made in person at our Chinatown Shop.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are currently hiring. Details of the positions available are found on our Work Here page.

I left a voicemail – when will you return my call?

It is often busy at the shop and we focus on our clients that are in store.  We try to return voicemails in a timely manner.  But our staff have a priority to our local shop, not to answering our phone.  During holiday seasons we will not return phone calls.  Our contact form is the fastest way to get in touch with us.

If you have a question with respect to an order, please use our contact form. We have staff available most weekdays to assist with emailed and online orders.

If you would like to place an order or have questions about an event, corporate or wholesale accounts, please use our contact form.

Local PickUp – What is it, and when will my order be ready?

Do you live in Calgary?  Are you here in Calgary for a visit or have someone who can pick up you order on your behalf?

Local Pick Up is great for those who prefer to purchase their products in advance and skip the line at the till.  If you select local pick up, no shipping charges will be applied.

Most Local Pick Up orders are fulfilled within 4hrs, during normal business hours (M-F).

I selected Local Pick Up – Why haven’t I received a shipping notification or tracking number.

If you select Local Pick Up, (even if you entered a shipping address) your order will be routed to the Chinatown Shop and not to our Fulfillment Centre.

The Chocolate Lab’s Fulfillment Centre is located separately from our Chinatown retail location and is the place from where we send internet orders via FedEx and Canada Post.  In the event that you realize that you haven’t chosen the proper service provider, email us and we will make sure you get your chocolate to the right place for the right price.

I ordered and I haven’t received an email confirming that you have received my order.

When you place an order via our online shop, you will receive an email confirming your order details. When we have received your order, it goes into our fulfillment queue.  If you used one of the delivery options on our website, you will receive another email with tracking details once your order is ready to be shipped.

I made my order, when will it ship?

We ship Monday – Thursday.  We usually have a 24 hour fulfillment period.  In the event that you ordered on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your order will be shipped out on Monday.  We have a fresh product and we do our best to ensure that the quality of our product is maintained from the time we receive your order, until we ship it.  The last thing we want is for your order to sit in a truck or depot over the weekend!

Shipping options and destinations – what to consider before choosing your delivery method:

  • Are you delivering to a major city?  A small town? Eastern, Central or Western Canada?
    • Major cities and small towns have success with Canada Post in general.
    • FedEx is best when sending to a Major City
  • In a time crunch?  Consider FedEx Overnight, 2-day, or Xpresspost.
    • If you are in a small town, additional surcharges are applied via FedEx, so consider this before you choose your delivery service provider.
    • FedEx Ground is literally driving your parcel from Calgary to the recipient.  If you are in the Atlantic or Maritime provinces, we do not recommend sending FedEx Ground, as you can get a better rate and better transit time using other methods
    • if your recipient lives in a place where they have issues with receiving parcels, consider FedEx first, as they will at least attempt delivery
  • Is the recipient at home to receive the parcel?
    • Season/time of year – what the temperature might be in case the box is out on the porch all day.
    • If the recipient is unable to receive their goods at home, consider delivery to their work address, so that it is received in the best possible condition.
    • In extreme temperatures in Canada (-40 Celsius to +40 Celsius), this can be unkind to our product.
    • When a parcel leaves our Fulfillment Centre, the product is in perfect condition.
    • The Chocolate Lab uses external carriers and there are times where our products are not treated with the most kindness by them.  Service providers are allowed to leave it on a doorstep.  We do not label our parcels with “fragile”, “perishable” or with special handling instructions- it isn’t helpful in ensuring that these boxes are handled kindly.  Some times things happen that are outside of our control.  Please know that we are doing our best to circumvent issues that do occur, but sometimes, things just don’t work out.

****Does mail go to a community mail box exposed to the sun?  If your recipient lives in a community where they use outdoor mail boxes, consider delivering to them at work or using Fedex to arrange delivery at their convenience.  The last thing we want is a melted box for your special someone.

Are you open? What are your hours? What about XYZ date?

Check our website, or Google – we will update our hours with respect to holidays and long weekends online.

Where are you located?

202D Centre Street SE

Our retail location is in Chinatown, in Downtown Calgary.

There are 3 city parking lots in view of our shop and street parking is available on both 2nd Ave, and Riverfront Ave S.

We are located 5 blocks North of the 1 St SW C-Train Station, on the East side of Centre St, just before the river. If you reach the Centre St. bridge, you’ve gone too far!

You don’t offer XYZ item online?  Can I order it?

There are sizes and options that we don’t have displayed online.  If you have questions abut 1,2 and 4 piece boxes, please use our contact form.

Events, wholesale, weddings, custom orders

Yes, we are overjoyed to be part of your special day. Please use our contact form to initiate a conversation.

Please include the following in your request:

  • Date of Event
  • if you require delivery prior to the event
  • will there be custom packaging required
  • will there be custom chocolate/bonbon artwork required
  • box sizes required

There are minimums with respect to customization of packaging and bonbon/artwork.

*Custom items require a minimum of 4 weeks of lead time so that we can ensure that your concepts are queued into our production and fulfillment.  Minimum orders for custom bonbons is 500 units per design

*Custom packaging is provided by one of our local service providers – minimum of 1000 units

Summer shipping only via FedEx 2 day or overnight.
Free local delivery (within city limits) on orders $40+
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