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Best Selling Collection


Caramellow Crunch Lemon Yuzu Passion Tall, Dark, and Handsome
Cuppa Joe Midnight Special Strawberry Lemonade
L.L. Dean The King, and I Starry Night


Become an International Chocolate Judge, and taste your way through our updated collection of Best Selling chocolate bonbons.

Flavours include:

Caramellow Crunch -Made especially for caramel lovers. Three layers of caramel with milk chocolate, and a touch of salt, with caramel crunchy pearls. Contains gluten.

Lemon Yuzu Passion -This piece features silky white chocolate paired with lemon and passionfruit in one layer, and fragrant yuzu in the other layer.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome – Say hello to your new love. This bonbon features origin Venezuela dark chocolate paired with local honey, for a deep, rich, chocolatey experience.

Cuppa Joe -A three layered piece celebrating the other drink of the gods, coffee. Dark chocolate is paired with locally roasted espresso, with a middle layer of caramelized white chocolate, and finished with a crunch layer of dark chocolate combined with crunchy cacao nibs.

Midnight Special -The Chocolate Lab’s own signature dark, in bonbon form. This premium dark chocolate was created in partnership with Cacao Barry, in the Or Noir laboratory, in France. An exquisite dark chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Lemonade -An intense lemon gel layered on top of a strawberry and citrus infused white chocolate ganache. Pucker up!

L.L. Dean – This award-winning bonbon features origin Peru dark chocolate, paired with a Bourbon Manhattan cocktail, complete with a kirsch soaked cherry.

The King & I – Peanut butter and milk chocolate, layered with banana white chocolate. The King’s breakfast, in a bonbon.

Starry Night – A unique single origin 70% dark from Nicaragua is layered with sea salt and caramelized chocolate.  A deep and rich chocolate experience.