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Best Selling Collection


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Become an International Chocolate Judge, and taste your way through our updated collection of Best Selling chocolate bonbons.

Flavours include:

Orange Dreamsicle – Remember chasing the ice cream truck down the street for that creamy orangey goodness? This bonbon features a white chocolate ganache, infused with orange and cream.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome – Origin Venezuela dark chocolate ganache, paired with local honey.

Coconut Pandan – A Smooth white chocolate paired with coconut and pandan.

Caramellow Crunch -Made especially for caramel lovers. Three layers of caramel with milk chocolate, and a touch of salt, with caramel crunchy pearls. Contains gluten.

Midnight Special – Our signature dark. This premium dark chocolate was created in partnership with Cacao Barry, in the Or Noir laboratory, in France.

Dark Passion – Origin Colombia dark chocolate ganache, produced in the Lab from the bean, paired with passionfruit.

Milky Way – An exquisite blend of Costa Rica and Honduras origin chocolates, paired with brown butter and brown sugar.

Lychee Rose – Lychee infused white chocolate ganache, layered upon a rose and Ruby chocolate ganache. Our Gold Medal winner!

Starry Night – A unique single origin 70% dark from Nicaragua is layered with sea salt and caramelized chocolate.  A deep and rich chocolate experience.