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Build your own Box: 25pc

Here’s where you get to call the shots. Browse our chocolate bonbons, and select to add them to your custom box. If you want a box of all one flavour, or all white chocolate, or all boozy ones, you can create the exact box you desire.

When we receive your custom box order, we will hand pick and pack your box, just like you were in the shop.

Note: These are fresh products and are best consumed within a month of purchase.

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Midnight Aurora
Hot Chocolate
Mr. Mint Sparkle
Spiked EggNog
Speculaas Milk
Berry White
East Star
Rum Baba
Marc de Champagne
Dark Currants
Tropical Paradise
Oscar of the Waldorf
Milky Way
Matinee at the Bijou
Hop Along
Dark Passion
Pink Suburban
Coconut Pandan
Bourbon Pecan Caramel
Thai Stick
McKinley's Delight
Cuppa Joe
Lemon Yuzu Passion
Tall, Dark, and Handsome
L.L. Dean
Rob's Your Uncle
Orange Dreamsicle
The King, and I
Snack Attack
Caramellow Crunch
Olde Fashioned
Chai on Life
Starry Night
Lychee Rose
Matcha Sakura
Choklit Malt
Vanilla Islands
Current Currant
Scotch on the Rocks
Midnight Special
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Whether you want one of a bunch of flavours, or you fancy a whole box filled with just one flavour, we’re here for you.

Pick the bonbons you wish to fill your box, and click Add to Cart. It’s that easy.