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Mother’s Day collection – 12pc


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This inspired collection of 12 chocolate bonbons is created to impress the mom in your life with something truly special. She will be taken on a taste experience as she works her way through the wonders found inside this box.


Flavours found inside the box:

Esmeralda – 
A fragrant and beautiful rare single estate Dominican origin dark chocolate, with citrus undertones. An exceptionally smooth dark chocolate ganache.


Little Blue Dress – 
English lavender and wild blueberries are paired with a silky white chocolate, for a lively and fresh bite.


Ma’s pudding – 
Fresh English plum pudding spices and vanilla are paired with a gorgeous blonde chocolate that is made with muscovado sugar, for a slightly spicy twist. Just like mom used to make.


Mimosa – 
A trio of chocolates are perfectly paired with a rare Marc de Champagne, and fragrant oranges. A delicate and decadent treat.


Chocklit Malt – 
Malted milk chocolate ganache is layered on top of crushed house made sponge toffee combined with chocolate. A trip down nostalgia lane.


May Flowers – 
What April showers bring. Silky white chocolate is infused with a beautiful floral blend, including Jasmine and Hibiscus, and is topped with a peach compote.