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To Mom, with Love: 16pc


Our Mother’s Day Collection features 16 fantastic flavours that are sure to warm hearts, and tantalize tastebuds. This makes for a perfect gift. This is a limited collection, carefully curated for this very special occasion.

Available for in-store/curbside pickup, delivery, and shipping April 29, 2022

Full collection flavour descriptions and photos listed below.

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To Mom, with Love 16pc Collection is a perfectly curated selection of chocolate bonbons that offer a taste adventure that excites all the senses. We pair exquisite chocolate from different regions, with fine flavour pairings; some that take you down nostalgia lane, and others that create a unique taste experience. Explore desire.


Flavours in the box:


Bananas Foster – A rum caramel, layered upon a Banana white chocolate ganache, finished with a pecan milk chocolate ‘duja layer. (contains nuts)


Berries & Waffles – A raspberry soft caramel, layered upon a milk chocolate ganache infused with cardamom and fresh baked waffles vibes. (tea infusion)


Vietnam 70 – Our house made origin Nicaragua dark chocolate ganache. Rich and flavourful.


Caramel Crisp – For caramel lovers. A vanilla caramel infused milk chocolate ganache, combined with caramel caviar crisps. (contains gluten)


 Milky Way – A decadent milk chocolate ganache made from our signature milk chocolate, paired with pure cane sugar and brown butter. 


Ruby Rhubarb– Ruby chocolate is naturally pink hued and has a bright, fruity, and somewhat tart taste. We pair it with locally grown rhubarb for a tangy ganache.


Tall, Dark, and Handsome – Origin Venezuela dark chocolate ganache, created in-house, from the Bean, paired with local honey, layered upon a caramelized chocolate ganache.


May Flowers– A peach caramel is layered upon a floral (rose, hibiscus) white chocolate ganache.


Lavender Blueberry – A smooth white chocolate paired with wild blueberries and English lavender.


Creme Brûlée – A vanilla custard white chocolate ganache paired with large crystal pure cane sugar.


Carrot Cheesecake – A white chocolate cheesecake ganache is layered upon a carrot infused milk chocolate ganache, with cinnamon and cake spices.


Strawberry Earl – A strawberry white chocolate ganache, layered upon an Earl Grey milk chocolate ganache.


Starry Night – Origin Nicaragua dark chocolate ganache, layered upon a caramelized chocolate ganache, with a sprinkle of sea salt.


Lychee Rose – A lychee infused white chocolate ganache, layered upon a ruby chocolate ganache infused with roses.


Key Lime Pie – A key lime white chocolate ganache, with a layer of graham wafer and caramelized chocolate. (contains gluten)


Lemon Yuzu Passion – A creamy white chocolate ganache paired with lemon and passionfruit in one layer, and fragrant yuzu in the other layer.

Nutritional Information (per 13g piece)